TITLE : Surviving Sorrow : A Mother’s Guide To Living With Loss

AUTHOR : Kim Erickson

GENRE : Non-fiction, Christian, Self-Help, Faith-Based Healing

FBRC : 4.5 Stars


Advice from One Grieving Mom to Others

When Kim’s three-year-old son tragically passed away, she found plenty of resources on grieving. She says what she really needed, though, “was someone who would give me advice for living, not just grieving . . . How do I get through the grocery store without crying? What do I do with my son’s things? When will my mind stop replaying the emergency room scene?”

Now, ten years later, she’s written that book. With raw vulnerability, a deep well of wisdom, and the practical knowledge of someone who’s been there, she walks grieving moms through the life-after-death process from how to plan the funeral to how to deal with friends, family, holidays, and birthdays.

This is a profound and powerful resource that’s invaluable for the mom who has lost a child—and for her friends and family who want to love her well. 


DISCLAIMER : DISCLAIMER : I received an ARC( advance review copy) of this book for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you, NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC of this book.

I am not entirely sure what made me request this book. I can only say that as a person of faith I was curious about her journey through grief holding onto her faith. Loss of a loved one is always difficult to bear and if it’s a child of yours then the loss and pain you have to endure are unimaginable. The book is geared mainly towards Christians and people who are looking into Christianity. The book also urges the readers into following Christian beliefs to help with the grief.

The book is a grieving woman’s guide for other grieving mothers to help them live their lives after the loss of a child. Kim found living her day to day lives harder as she battled her grief and for her, the source of strength and comfort is her faith and prayers. She believes the way to move forward is if you can accept God and God’s words and the rest will follow suit.

Kim’s journey from not having much of a faith or religious belief to accepting Christianity in the event of her son’s death helped her heal better. She took comfort in the words of the Bible and it helped her process the loss and the sudden death of her son Austin. The book is filled with ideas and spiritual steps that you can apply in your life. The steps are highly practical, simple and straight forward and attach lots of prayers to combine with your action to get maximum results. I believe people who are Christians will highly benefit from this book as it already gives you an easy-to-follow guide that will help you deal with grief in a constructive manner. The prayers are all laid out and it will save the readers from having to go through the Bible to find the verses that will help them.

The book was extremely difficult to read in one sitting as it deals with the heavy topic of loss of a child and other losses as well. The story of the author and her journey was extremely difficult to get through as it pained me to read about her loss. I can’t imagine the strength she has to bring her story and make it public. Her pain is exposed for everyone to see and the mental strength it takes for her to do it highly commendable. I love the fact that she took the step forward to help others deal with grief by sharing her story which is still a painful reminder for their family to process even after 10 years. The book is raw and unfiltered grief bared for the world to witness and learn some valuable lessons through it. The emotions and their experiences are all put out for public consumption in hopes of providing help to people who are in a similar position to hers.

Even after the loss of her child, life didn’t stop dealing with them with more hardships. It would be so easy to let your anger control your emotions and blame God for it. Yet Kim found peace in her faith and continues to find strength in her belief. I don’t know how her family survived one loss after the other and how they managed to keep their head above the turmoil, but it was inspiring to see her hold onto her faith as a source of comfort, strength, and relief in her times of need.

The book can easily be used by any other person who follows a different faith tradition than Christianity. If you swap the Spiritual guide and the prayers with your own faith traditions and practices it will work just fine. The book is, in my opinion, a great self-help book and will definitely help boost your faith and belief. If you combine it with some professional help I think the grieving parents can get through their difficult times and use this as a supplement to their routine in dealing with life. I think this book will be highly helpful and insightful to Christian grieving parents.

As a believer and a Muslim, I was curious to see the process of her journey and to see how she applied her faith in dealing with the grief. I am aware of the similarities of our faith traditions and I found a lot of messaging and core principles when dealing with grief were very similar. 

The book is easy to understand and goes through different chapters seamlessly. The content flows from one topic to another easily. I gave the book 4.5 stars and recommend people who deal with the grief of their child to pick it up and read this book. I highly recommend Christians to check it out.

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